Jhatpat Recipes by Apurva
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Cooking FAQs

Q. What to do if my curry has extra salt in it..?

Sol-> Aatte ki goli (wheat flour ball) can be added to curry while boiling it.. The balls will absorb the salt and minimize it.

Q. What to do if the curd has become very sour..?

Sol-> Well there is nothing that can be done to reduce the sourness of the curd. But you can make some tasty recipes with the sour curd.
Do try the Dahi Papad Curry and North Indian Kadhi with Southern twist from my list of recipes.

Q. How to make instant Badam (Almond) paste

Sol-> Soak the badams in warm water for 10-15 min, After 10-15 min the skin of badams will come out easily and the badams can be grind into a smooth paste.

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